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Join us for our free online webinar to hear all about an exciting research study currently recruiting at the Richards Lab, University of Birmingham! We will host two formal presentations about sleep and self-injury in those with autism and intellectual disability. There will also be opportunity for a live Q&A session and discussion at the end. This event is open to parents and carers of those with autism and intellectual disability as well as clinicians, researchers, teachers, students or anyone else interested!

Our Speakers


Dr Caroline Richards
Dr Caroline Richards is an Associate Professor in Neurodevelopmental Disorders at the University of Birmingham, a Clinical Psychologist, and Co-Director at the Cerebra Network for Neurodevelopmental Disorders. Her research focuses on reducing negative clinical outcomes for children and she is the principal investigator for the SIB Study. Dr Richards will be speaking about why children might develop self-injury and some of the potential causes for this behaviour.


Dr Georgie Agar
Dr Georgie Agar is a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Birmingham. She is the project lead for the SIB study, which aims to examine the causal mechanisms underpinning self-injurious behaviour in children with autism and intellectual disability. Dr Agar will discuss how poor sleep, which is common in children with learning disability, may contribute to self-injury, and opportunities to take part in the SIB study.