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The Checklist Project

What is the study about? The aim of the project is to develop a checklist for parents and clinicians to identify the causes of behaviours that challenge in children with a moderate-profound intellectual disability, enhancing assessment and treatment. The checklist can also be used over time to monitor causes and their ongoing impact.

Who can take part? We will be seeking input from parents of children with moderate to profound intellectual disability, as well as clinicians who work with this group.

What does it involve? The Checklist Project will consist of three phases:


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This project is due to launch in January 2023 - check back for updates and news of how to get involved

A group of parents of children with moderate-profound intellectual disability and a group of clinicians working with children with moderate-profound intellectual disability will give feedback on the checklist.

A group of 70 parents will complete the checklist along with several validity measures and bring the checklist to an appointment with their paediatrician to assess feasibility.

A Checklist Development Group will meet once a month for eight months to discuss the checklist items and descriptions, the formatting, and the information manual.

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