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There are a number of ways to get involved with the work of the Cerebra Network - whether you choose to take part in one of our many research projects, join our advisory group to share your opinions on the kind of research we focus on, or collaborate with us as a professional. Read on to find out more.

Public Advisory Group

Our public advisory group is made up of members of the public who have an interest in improving the lives of people with neurogenetic syndromes through research. Researchers of the Cerebra Network turn to the Public Advisory Group for advice and opinions on upcoming projects. Consultations can include input about specific technical details such as the wording of information sheets, or how data is presented to participants, or broader questions about where we should focus our attention in future projects to be most helpful to people with neurogenetic syndromes and their families.

You can sign up to hear about all future consultations, or let us know about the topics that matter to you. Click the button below to find out more.

Latest Consultation - Feedback Reports

Our latest consultation regarding feedback reports has now closed! Thank you to everyone who has participated in our online survey and focus group discussions. We are grateful to hear from parents/carers about how we can further develop and improve resources. To take part in future consultations, sign up to the PAG via the button above to be notified of our next launch.

Take Part in Research

We always have research projects recruiting new participants. If you want to take part in research with the Cerebra Network the easiest way to stay up to date is to sign up to our Participant Database. The Cerebra Network Participant Database is often the first place we turn to recruit to new projects, just tell us a few things about you and your family and we will let you know about projects that you are eligible to take part in - you never have to take part in projects that aren't of interest, and you can request to be removed at any time.

Alternatively, to find out more about individual projects, the projects pages of our website will always include directions for how to take part if the project is open to new participants.

Finally, we often post about upcoming projects and Cerebra Network events on Facebook and Twitter.

Work With Us

We are always open to hearing from professionals in healthcare, education, and other services, as well as other researchers. Whether it's about a potential opportunities or ideas for collaboration, or you just want to pick our brains about some of our previous work. The best way to get in touch is to use the contact form, or email
Dr Kelly Wade at 

If you're a current psychology or neuroscience student looking for a placement or work experience opportunities these are usually advertised on the placement listings of your university.

Opportunities for PhD studentships and employed positions within the Cerebra Network are advertised on, the university website of the appropriate team, and on our Twitter page when they are available.

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