Sleep and Behaviour Panel
2pm - 2:45pm

Chair: Dr Caroline Richards, Network Director


Dr Andy Bagshaw is Reader in Imaging Neuroscienceat the University of Birmingham and co-Director of the Centre for Human Brain Health. His main interest is in developing and applying non-invasive brain imaging methods to questions in clinical and behavioural neuroscience, with a particular emphasis on using EEG-fMRI to understand how the brain is affected by epilepsy and sleep. Andy trained as a physicist at the Universities of Birmingham and Manchester, before moving on to positions at City University, University College London and the Montreal Neurological Institute.

Dr Georgie Agar is a post-doctoral research fellow at the Richards Lab, University of Birmingham. Georgie leads work on the Sleep-Impulsivity-Behaviour project, which aims to improve understanding of sleep and executive functioning in relation to self-injurious behavior in children with autism and intellectual disability. Georgie’s PhD work was funded by Cerebra, with a focus on developing novel methodologies for assessing poor sleep

in individuals with rare genetic syndromes associated with intellectual disability with a particular focus on Smith-Magenis syndrome and Angelman syndrome.


Dr Stacey Bissell is a Cerebra-funded post-doctoral research fellow at the Richards Lab and Cerebra Network for Neurodevelopmental Disorders, University of Birmingham. Her research focuses on sleep and behaviour in tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) and factors associated with poor sleep in children with rare genetic syndromes associated with intellectual disability.

Stacey is also the research lead for sleep and eating behaviour as part of the TSC-associated neuropsychiatric disorders (TAND) consortium led by Prof Anna Jansen and Prof Petrus de Vries.